Make the Weekend Special

This would have been an apt post for Mother’s Day, but I was too busy actually celebrating to blog. Still, it’s not too late to make somebody’s weekend! 

Odds are you have your own special ways of doing that; maybe a phone call, a sweet text message, surprise visit, a gift of some sort. We get it. We love little surprises – doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet card or flowers on Mother’s Day or something as simple as a “Happy Monday!” text. Somehow, just receiving something or hearing from someone can really make the whole day. 

Well, today’s short blog post is to let you know that we’re in. If you know somebody special travelling to Colorado Springs, you’re greeting some relatives into your hometown, you’ve sent your special lady on a vacation, even if it’s a birthday or a random occasion or a trainee coming to visit the Olympic Training Center – you can plan a special greeting for them. 

Contact us in advance if you want us to get flowers. We love picking out flowers for your special person or party. Thinking something smaller? Just ask us to leave a note. We can do that too. Or we’ll do both – no problem. 

Seriously – just ask. We’d love to make your loved one’s visit that much more personal and special! 


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