Staying Connected

We talk a lot about connections here. We love connecting with you, but even more we love hosting your family while you connect, whether it’s your own get-away, visiting family or spending a weekend with your air-force cadet.

Then there are business trips, where you have to connect with your colleagues, and there are retreats, when you just want to disconnect from your home and connect to yourself, and there are vacations, where you just want to connect to the outdoors of the front range.

Oh and then there’s internet.


Last weekend my internet crashed and we weren’t able to get it up for several days. My phone connected to a hot spot (intermittently) but we were without streaming movies, without YouTube’s comedy and cat videos, missing important email and blog dates – so many first world problems! Like any good lit major, I had a stack of excellent books to fall back on. In that manner I survived the long days of entertaining myself – just like everybody used to in the good old days. Wink.

However satirical and/or refreshing my internet-less, book-reading days were, we have a hunch that’s just not what you planned for your stay in Colorado Springs. Maybe you’re here on business, or have kiddos with iPads who want to play that one game; perhaps it’s a family vacation and because of timing, the oldest just had that one last paper to turn in before the break starts. Weak hotel internet is just not helpful. Sure, maybe you can get a few good minutes, if you can enter your room number and last name on that tiny screen, but then your neighbor logs on and everything kinda slows to a crawl… Dream vacation, anyone?

And that’s why we have separate networks, routers and passwords for each of our units. Even the ones that share a floor/ceiling, or a wall. Sometimes you just need to stay connected.


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