Sunshine and Ice

I’ve been debating writing a post about the lovely weather lately, but I’ve been too busy enjoying it outside to sit down and write words. That, and all I’d really have to say is “It’s so warm! Take a vacation here, and spend it all outside drinking coffee!”

But it’s still midwinter, and it seemed more fitting to blog about the nice weather and the wintery-ness together.

It’s been perfectly lovely through the latter half of January. With each consecutive sunny day, the delight and beauty of the outdoors just grows on me. So for those of you visiting in the winter, take your coffee outside! Nearly every single property we manage has some sort of sun porch or back patio that’s sheltered from the wind and awash in bright light for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. Brew up something warm and cozy and get a bit of fresh air.

I know I’ve talked about our philosophy of color and restful vacations before; how we love to paint and decorate with light blues, grays and whites to give you time here the most relaxing vibe possible. I believe the same thing is true about the sunshine – it warms us, soothes us, helps us relax and gain a bit of fresh perspective.

And now, lest you get stir-crazy in the good weather, let me remind you of some of our winter activities!

Ice Festival 1

Cripple Creek, a small, old mining town about an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs, has an Ice Festival every year! The narrow streets are blocked off, giant blocks of ice delivered, and artists bundled against the cold weather begin to carve out magical, crystalline, sparkling shapes from frozen water.

Ice Festival 3 - Copy

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