The Wild Goose Meeting House

September evening air is soft and cool and just bold enough to waft its way through the open doors of the Wild Goose. The chattering crowd and hot coffee make an eager counterpart to the chill – it is a perfect atmosphere.


There are no empty tables tonight. Live music, fine wines, craft beers and latte art have guaranteed that the Goose will be full to overflowing (but hey, sitting on the patios is probably the most enjoyable anyway.) I’m here for the whole experience though, so I join a table of friends about to engage in a game of chess. We laugh about the limited seating, I sip at a hot mocha, then they start the game and I move up to the counter to get closer to the music.


The band, New Vintage Jazz, is warming up their instruments, finishing the assembly of the drum set. Soon they dive wholeheartedly into the music and the crowd quiets a little. Music, smiles, conversation, laughter and applause punctuate the rest of the evening.

The entire night is a beautiful interaction of friends, musicians, and strangers. The Meeting House is aptly named.

By day, the setting is no less perfect. The doors are again wide open in the sunshiny morning. The scent of coffee wafts out from the counter. Tables are open, waiting for students, professionals, sleepy coffee-drinkers, entrepreneurs, or readers. A vibrant color-coded book wall stretches from the front to nearly the back of the main room (and there’s another book wall in the back room; never fear, introverts!)


The stage of last night has been transformed to a sunny lounge in the morning. The space is arranged with arm chairs and a locally crafted coffee-table, the corners filled in with sunshine.


Somehow, this street-corner meeting house has established an atmosphere for all and sundry. A night out? Good music, boisterous laughter, craft beer? Live music every Friday and Saturday, no cover charge. Meeting friends? Good conversations over a glass of wine, a game of chess? They’re open until 10 pm Mon-Thurs (and 12 am Friday and Saturday!) Quiet morning? Need to sit in a sunny corner and read those waiting chapters? Delicious coffee? Cozy up by the book wall and drink up the pages, caffeine, and sunshine.

And then, when it’s time to quit the crowds and head home for the evening, or close the book and get out in the gorgeous Colorado air, your walk or drive back to one of our cottages is less than two miles. Between your beautiful private vacation rental and the varied atmosphere of this local shop, you can’t lose.

Happy vacationing!

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